Saturday, 1 February 2014

Around the Farm

I am visiting family at The Farm on the Darling Downs. It has been rather strange weather down this way, windy from the cyclone weather I am guessing and cool as in I have worn a jumper on more than one occasion cool. This morning I took a few photos of things around the farm, so here you go.

In beyond awesome news The Station has received rain thanks to tropical cyclone Dylan. Puddles have been created and rain has collected on the road. I am not sure of amounts and I am sure it wasn't a huge amount but it should help them tide through a bit longer. Now everyone in the North is watching cyclone Edna a category 1 cyclone which was a little surprise for everyone but predictions say it will head back out to sea rather than cross the coast.


  1. Thank you for the farm tour. What a lovely name the farm has.

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by. The Darling Downs is the name of an area in south east Queensland, Aus. The farm is named 'Fairvilla'which isn't all that original but also pretty.

  3. What an amazing and comforting thing it is that these shots could have just as easily be a farm in Kansas. The world is so big, yet we aren't so very different.

  4. Once again have just spent ages staring at your photos - amazing. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. 'It was so cool I had to wear a jumper'! LOL.
    Here it is 'it was so warm I could take my outer layer off'.


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