Sunday 15 June 2014

A polka dot morning stroll

I had an aim, a goal, a burning ambition (maybe taking it a bit far there) while I was visiting the Family Farm. I wanted to capture sunrise and sunset in all it's winter spectacular-ness. Now there was a few problems or should I say road blocks with this plan like being awake for that sunrise and it being clear enough for sunsets and the fact that the chill of a frosty winter was decidedly absent. 

Anyway, I gave it a go and captured some awesome morning clouds and just generally enjoyed wandering around the farm in my pajamas in the early morning quiet and cool. Good thing the family are used to this. Even my Uncle and cousins who come down to check sheep and cows are used to this. At Mum's party there was a conversation that went something like this ... U: 'How long are you here for?' Me: 'Til Wednesday?' U: 'Okay, probably see you round then.' Me: 'Yep, probably early tomorrow morning in my pjs' ... I hope you liked my polka dots, they are I am sure an improvement on my cow prints. If they weren't use to this behavior in the past they might have thought I was effected by the tropics. Maybe they think that anyway.

There is a story to go with this kangaroo. 
I was crouching downs at the corner of the paddock of oats, happily trying to take photos (geez I need a new camera) and I could hear something. I looked around and couldn't see a thing, other than grass and oats, so stood up. When I turned around there was a big old roo jumping over the oats fence just a few meters away. He then headed off past a dam and over another fence. Not what I was expecting when I heard the rustling noise, especially that close.

 As I headed back towards the house I had some onlookers, some very flighty ones who I think are scared of their own shadow despite being fed every day.

Those onlookers are normal, I didn't realise however that I had some other pajama clad onlookers as well, who I secretly think had come to check I hadn't run away. Thus began the war of the pj photos.

Thanks Mum for Facebooking this lovely shot (payback above). I guess you can get away with it, you did just have your birthday. Trendy aren't I.

Oh, and this one too. This one is also forgiven, can never get enough brother sister photos.

 I cannot finish without sharing this photo of my groovy Bro S (who seems to think he is a Japanese tourist, too many selfies with his next oldest sister me thinks). He is an awesome dude who is rocking his broken arm. For the books he is the first out of five to break a bone, lucky him, and he is the youngest. He did the best of jobs to, breaking it on/ off the trampoline at school. It was a 3rd degree break, the worst of the worst, completely snapped off and as it is right near his elbow it had to be wired back together for now. He went for ages after it happened with no pain relief and then had to have an operation. How brave is he? Much to Mum's excitement he has new learned to swallow tablets and is on the mend. He has been practicing being left handed, super clever.

I have to say I have missed this combination of farm and family with a lot of silliness and love thrown in.


  1. I love winter skies!

    I live surrounded by left-handers - its the new normal in my house!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. I love winter skies as well and wind whipped mares tails (clouds). We are all right-ies around here. Thanks for looking in.

  3. Beautiful photos as always, looking at them I can feel the morning sun rising up into the sky

    1. Thank you. I bet you are wishing for it's warmth too after this weeks winter arrival. Thank you for your lovely comments.


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