Sunday 22 June 2014

Winter Solstice

Wow! The shortest day of the year has passed us by, whizzing in and out without any ceremony. 
The 21st, yesterday, was the shortest day of the year here in the southern hemisphere and the same date is the longest day for the northern hemisphere.
I had the thought of capturing both the beginning and end of the day. When I was awake before sunrise it became a reality and something I just had to do.

 Sunrise in Cairns was at 6:45am.

I headed out for a short walk around near our place to try and capture some pretty and clear sunrise sky.

Sunset was a 5:52pm.

I headed out aiming for the Barron River but got sidetracked by the thought of sun on sugar cane flowers. That was where I stayed too.

The daylight hours lasted 11 hours and 7 minutes plus some seconds (my guess is about 5 seconds as today is supposed to be 6 seconds).

The day was nothing special in our house, just a normal weekend with Mr Sparky on call, me a little tired (and grumpy according to Mr Sparky) after my first night back on night fill after having some time off and both of us just hanging about at home as you do. The skies were clear and the weather beautiful, much more the northern winter it should be.


  1. Beautiful pictures. You captured the day perfectly. Those birds on a wire are just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you. I hope you've been having beautiful days as well. I love how these little birds all line up, squished on top of each other whenever I see them.

  2. I love the birds on the wire. While I don't mind the cold, the short days really bother me and I hate leaving work in the dark, so I look forward to this day every year because I know from then on the days will only get longer.

    1. Starting and finishing the working day in winter and missing the lovely clear (hopefully) day in the middle or the early morning or evening prettiness is never nice. I wouldn't mind a bit of cold, a bit of yummy winter comfort food and a bit of fire gazing right now but it is nice to not have to own winter clothes. Thanks for dropping by.


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