Tuesday 24 June 2014

Coconut Jam Slice

I love cooking, well baking in particular. Maybe that is because I am a huge sweet tooth. Just normal old dinner cooking like good old meat and three veg doesn't hold much interest even though it is the most common cooking that happens in our house. Instead I do enjoy cooking different things and having them turn out.

I used to do lots of baking when I was on The Station, especially after I was given to go ahead in the kitchen and told to cook til my heart was content, so I did. Every Sunday out came fresh cakes, slices and even the odd savory thing. During the week the odd cake or something would be produced by me or me and the kids. I miss all that baking and the happiness and togetherness that went with it.

Now I have a cookbook, picked up at somewhere like Jack in the Box called 'Baking a Commonsense Guide' or 'A Commonsense Guide to Baking', whichever way you prefer to read it, that is published by bay books/ Murdoch Books Pty Ltd. I love it. I have three of their books in total. The baking one is filled with the yummy, buttery goodness of baking from sweet to savory. Everything sounds so good and (so far) all the recipes work which is always good. It also has tips for cooking which is great.

One thing I used to cook on occasion was Coconut Jam Slice and rather than send yet another chocolate cake to work with Mr Sparky, (his choice and I think preferred of all the fellas) I made this for him to take. I hope they like it.

It is pretty easy to make and tasty as well. I cheat with the base and just put in the whole egg and a bit extra flour.

 I know this is a slice that has graced many a country function, city too I am sure. It is a very old fashioned kind of thing. I do love traditional, comforting, baked foods. There would be heaps of different recipes. I also decided after baking this that I had to share it and thought I would actually put some effort into photographing it. I am not really a food photographer at all I usually just plonk it on the bench, take a pick to show what it looked like and that is that. This time I was down on the floor in the doorway to attempt a nicer lit pic. This was very hygienic I am sure but natural lighting is pretty crappy in our house with it only coming from the front and back. It is also okay if you think I was a little crazy, Mr Sparky thinks so as well, actually he just flat out told me I was. Good thing I love him really.

Do you like baking or maybe just eating a good old fashioned slice or cake?

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  1. We must look crazy taking shots all over the place with food.

    My mum makes this slice, love eating it, brings good fuzzy feelings :)

    Also love a good cook book or 20!


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