Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back in my Garden

This weekend I checked out my garden and here is what I found ...

A pumpkin flower and tomato flower in matching clothes.

I found something red in the garden, something ripe and ready to eat. 

My first tomato of the year!

I found flowers and fruit on my passion fruit vine.

I found flowers on my strawberry plants. 

I found rosella fruit on my rosella bushes, still.

I found chillies, CHILLIES??? I planted capsicums.

I found pretty purple flowers on my basil.

I found plenty of stars.

Oh, and I found a visitor, spotted from afar ... can you see it?


  1. I love taking a closer look at vegie plant flowers. They look like long mild capsicums. My SIL had these growing, they wont be hot like chillies, at least I don't think they're hot!

    1. I'm not sure whether I want to test them or not. Mr Sparky did the last time we had plants it was a pretty hot experience apparently.


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