Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tap Dancing Seagulls

Tap dancing seagulls, 'what?!' you say. 
Well this morning, while I was down on the Esplanade, that is what I saw.

Okay so maybe I added a little imagination but there they were, tapping their feet up and down in the shallow water. It even sounded like tap dancing ... tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptap, tappity, tap, tap ... tap.

What are you looking at?

While tapping they also looked like they were very vain dancers, watching their reflection, checking how they looked.

What they were really doing is watching for that tasty morsel of whatever it was they were eating to come into view as they disturbed it from the mud.

Well I have to say I am looking good today!

Still tap dancing I say. 
Here is their preformance in all its glory for you to see.
Please excuse my crappy video quality.

Tap, tap, tap, taptaptaptap, tappity, tap.
What do you think?

 I'd never seen them do this before, but well, now I have.

Yummy ... thing

 I hope you have a tappy, dancey, smiley kind of day. Let your imagination free.


  1. Watching the video - unbelievable .... I have never seen anything like this before. wonder why they do it. It must stir up something to come out of the mud for eating.

    1. It was pretty interesting and a bit funny to watch. They were definitely eating something. Thanks for sharing on your blog.

  2. Yes, yes, the usual sunrise thing...
    ...even we here in good old Germany have sunrise every now and then. Today? Yes. Even a great one, although we are far away from every European coast line. Yesterday? Yes, of course. But beind the clouds. It was raining cats and dogs...
    ...(especially dogs!)! As far as I can remember we have sunrise here in Germany EVERY Day. But I never saw or photographed a pelican or a crododile in the early morning hours - because pelicans and crocodiles are not very common in the region where I live. But I have a can of crocodile meat in my refrigerator, from 2008. My friends took it with them from a vacation trip to South Africa. Maybe I shoud take the sunbeams in the early morning hours with the can in front of it??? ;-)

    1. Thanks for the laugh. Amazing that that sunrise thing happens in Germany every day too even when it is raining cats and dogs. It happens here like that as well although I do prefer it when it is bothered coming out from the clouds. I think that the crocodile meat would love a good sunrise beauty shoot. Thanks for coming by :D

  3. I only saw this on a kids show yesterday! They stomp the ground and it brings the worms up to the surface. I have never seen a seagull do it. I am so going to have to take more notice next time :)

    1. See those kid's shows come in handy for something. The seagulls are prob doing the same thing for something in the mud. I'd never seen it before so maybe seagulls further south are too busy stealing chips to bother with this stamping for your food bizzo.


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