Sunday, 17 August 2014

A bit of Friday

Thursday and Friday this week have been a little bleak but those clouds have nice and low, heavy and good for photos, so that is an upside. The down side is that is was the last two days for most of our students from our latest group.

Friday, or the last day for each of our groups of students is BBQ day. The heavy clouds weren't exactly what we were hoping for so plans about what we would be doing were a bit up in the air but after not much rain during the day, we went for our normal barbie spot, down near the wharf.

Students got in on the cooking while taking pics and enjoying each others' company.

We had an onlooker, like usual, keeping an eye on our cooking.

We had a new addition to the menu, something special for a group who didn't quiet get the program that is usual around here. Due to a sudden teacher resignation (resigning 7am by text is not cool when you start at 9am but that is done and dusted now) the class size was double what it should have been meaning students didn't get the amount of one on one they normally would but we coped and students still loved their time and leaned a lot. Back to our addition to the menu, we had crocodile. People say it tastes like chicken and fish and you know what, they are completely right. I loved it.

Even with the cloudy weather the location was great, the students loved being on the waterfront.

While we were eating some extras came around to join the party. It was a good thing they were little and don't eat much.


The view from the school in the afternoon was pretty much the same as the view in the morning. At least is was predictable.


  1. I've never eaten crocodile. I have to put it on my to do list! It's made me curious now :)

    1. It is pretty interesting and passed the taste test. It is very expensive though.


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