Sunday, 3 August 2014

Some Red on a Grey Day

It has been a while since I have been out and about to take photos so despite the on and off wet weather today, I did a quick trip to a park not far away to take photos of a tree in flower.
This tree featured about a year ago now. This year I have really been looking forward to seeing and experiencing things around the area for the second time. It feels like there is more of a rhythm to the seasons. There is predictability and the knowledge that I have knowledge makes me feel more like I belong or that this is my place, my place for now. It feels like there is more of a rhythm to the seasons.

This Red Silk Cotton Tree can be found back here. If I had waited a few more days I could have taken pics exactly a year apart. I hope I remember to, because it sounds like a great idea to me.


  1. What spectacular flowers...they are so vibrant. Lovely photos.

    1. They are. So big and bright as well as very different to anything else I've seen. Thanks.


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