Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Taking A Chill Pill

This week has been a doozey so far. It hasn't been a good one and it is only Wednesday. I might share it later, or I might not. Don't wait with baited breath that is for sure. It hasn't been a good one. I guess I shouldn't completely toss it in the no good basket though because there have been some great moments. One of those was when I took a chill pill, my kind of chill pill, and headed off for a short wander this morning, camera in hand. I can at least try to start the day well (it would be better if it didn't mean I had to wake up first though).

When I got out of bed, make that blearily stumbled out of bed, groaning the whole time, I noticed the clear sky. It was a beautiful colour. When I followed Mr Sparky out the door before the sun had risen for the day (to move my car) I noticed the moon shining reflecting brightly.

It was then I had my 'lightbulb' moment. It was time, time for a walk, time for what helps me feel relaxed, time to see what I could see through a camera lens.


The morning gasbagers.

Under a morning sky.

Clouds whisking by and changing colours in the sun.

Morning street view.

Between the lines.

Watching the sun rise from up high.

The morning light and the evening light.

A daytime moon

Mango flowers

Good morning, it is a good morning.
I was putting this post up this morning but well ...
Here it is now, thrown together between cooking, unpacking from the day and getting ready for the next four hours of work. Hopefully I didn't burn dinner. Oh, and who really needs an ironed shirt?


  1. I love the cockys having their early morning chin wag! Such noisy little fellows but very photogenic.

    1. I love hearing and seeing them. It makes this place feel less 'city'.

  2. I can't wait until the cockys come back. Warmer days and longer nights. Love that daytime moon shot :)

    1. I bet you can't, you must be hanging for warmer weather. Thanks


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