Friday, 24 July 2015

A bit cloudy

Yesterday afternoon, when a patch of blue sky made an appearance, I decided that Cattana Wetlands would be a good place to head.

Well it seems the weather decided that the blue should not hang around really, and definitely not expand. 

You see, it has been overcast and drizzly all week and a fair percentage of the weeks before and before and before. I know this is the tropics but, hey this is the tropics and this is our dry time. 

There are so many who would love some good rain, even some not so good rain. And yes, we were dealt the short straw with our wet season too but weeks of mostly clouds, just starts to get to you. It must be driving the cane and spud farmers balmy as they are trying to harvest.

Ah well, get over it, build a bridge, take a teaspoon of cement and all that.

So in the end my trip to the wetlands was not the lovely outing I was after. More because there was nothing much to see than the weather. Hardly a bird in sight. I did see two ducks and two egrets and some doves but that was it. I was enjoying the quiet, if not the mosquitoes.

Then walking around one of the lakes I stubbed my toe on a stick. It was all downhill from there. I didn't think a toes could bleed that much just from a stick. It wasn't like I was impaled on it or anything. And it just happened to be the same toe as my, yet again, ingrown toenail. Well I didn't even have a tissue on me so I slipped (gross) in my thongs back to the car (I did take more photos on the way) where I also happened to be out of tissues (what the!!) but did find some face wipes to wrap my toe for the trip home (accelerator foot). Honestly there is just a little hole in my toe when I checked it again today.

So in conclusion let's not do that again, well maybe let's do the wetlands, just not the toe and stick incident. Hopefully next time some bird life comes to the party.

Also to anyone visiting the area, it was me not a croc attack or something.

Also you'll be glad to know that there was some blue sky this afternoon and it was lovely.


  1. Lots like a great place - although the mosquitoes would be a downer!

    Thanks for the comment about my grebe pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. @Stewart ... It is a great place, I just wish the mozzies weren't so prolific.

  2. Wetlands always look better when it's cloudy, seems to suit the mood


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