Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Saturday Drive

I think my number one rule in life is to look for the beauty, not that I've ever really thought about it until prompted to.

Whether that means in people or places or life in general, it doesn't matter.

To keep looking for the good and that probably ties in pretty well with not judging a book by its cover.  Also to stop and smell the roses, to spend time enjoying just being there and looking at what is around me.

I'm not perfect though and am guilty of getting bogged down in the bad and judging things at first glance. Hey, I did that when I moved here but now I can see the good and the beauty of the area. And I certainly enjoy stopping and looking around me (with camera in hand of cause).

Mr Sparky is more of a hurry up kind of person but when I asked him to stop at the lookout so I could take photos of the beautiful fog in the valley, he did. He might have good naturedly grumbled, but he did stop and I got my couple of quick wintery fog photos. The temperature didn't match the image they portrayed, that is for sure.

 Saturday saw us heading up to the monthly Yungaburra markets. We go a fair bit, well when we can. They haven't changed much each month but this time there were a few new stalls.

 There are always interesting things to look at. I have learned though that Mr Sparky is a speed looker. He will stop if something really catches his eye and like the lookout will wait if there is something I really want to look at. 

I know now that if I want to slowly browse things, go alone.

His in and out attitude is good for grocery shopping though, it matches me.

I sufficiently bugged him enough this time by stopping to take quick snaps of some stalls around the market. Apparently I am embarrassing when I have my camera. Well so are you dear, when you where that bright fish shirt (Hawaiian shirt) that would ensure I never lost you.

In saying that, maybe I should tone down the camera touting sometimes.

We saw some pretty cool things at the markets. Some where in the what a clever idea but I don't think I want it in my house box and some where in the I wish we had the space for or could justify buying that box.

You learn a lot about other people's tastes when you shop with them. Sometimes that is a pretty interesting experience.

It was a nice, if speedy wander around the markets and other than some delicious hot chips and some poffertjes (little pancakes) we didn't buy a thing. We hadn't had breakfast you see.

After that we checked out a chook place, the strawberry farm (of cause) and then headed back home via Kuranda and the markets there, which neither of us had really looked around and where we also found some pretty cool things. I had to work that afternoon and night so it was a quick round trip but a nice way to spend the morning.

Do you head to the markets?
Are you a speedy looker or a browser?
What is a rule in your life? 
Do you sometimes embarrass your family?

I Must Confess



  1. I love how all markets look the same and all sell pretty much the same stuff. I'm usually speedy but when it comes to food and wine then I browse and sample generously.

  2. I love a look around a good market. there are some clever crafty people around. How real does that snake look?! I need to take my camera with me more.


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