Monday, 20 July 2015


We've just come out the other end of a long weekend and how we wish it could have been longer. Isn't that always the way.

Friday was Cairns Show holiday and being complete slackers on the show attendance this year we quickly skedaddled out of town. We left our 'in need of some TLC' home behind us, tried to leave our cares there as well, and headed off with the aim to relax and explore for the weekend.

We left before sunrise and when I finally did take some photos of colour in the sky we had already been on the road for almost an hour.

It is always lovely watching sunrise from the road as the scenery speeds by.

It is even lovelier to actually stop and take photos but with a man with a mission at the wheel I knew that would never happen.

We passed rivers and creeks ...

 ... sugar cane and bananas ...

... towns that were still sleeping ...

and all the while we whizzed on past.

The mist and sun was awesome to see. So very wintery.

We also saw smoke from the sugar mills rising into the air. Full steam ahead.

We couldn't have chosen better weather when we stopped at Cardwell by the sea and had a yummy, big, cooked breakfast at that place with the crab on the roof. It is always a good feed.

Then south we kept heading until hitting bustling Townsville and heading straight to where Mr Sparky had planned in the car, the Man's Shed. Now that was exciting.

Then westward we went, with mountains in our view.

It has been a while since I've seen this familiar tops but once they were seen probably a little too regularly.

Wide open spaces and mostly short dead grass.

Then over the river and we were there.

Charters Towers where, once we were booked in, settled and had done a food shop,

we sat and relaxed watching afternoon sun shine through the bougainvillea and listened to the shower tree seed pods rattle.

Back at home now, after a weekend away in a minimalist cabin and after reading about revamped rooms that had been a little neglected, I guess it is time for a clean up and maybe I should put some different photos on the wall. I think it is time for a change around out place, something to make it feel a little fresher. As fresh as it felt sitting out with that bougainvillea and country air.

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  1. I've also just come home after a weekend away. We had a cabin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, complete with amazing views, fireplace and spa - in honour of the hubster's birthday. It was amazing and just what we both needed. Gorgeous photos here!

  2. Ha! I also have photos in transit due to unstoppable driver...

  3. Beautiful photos and scenery. We are long overdue for a rood trip. Heading away in September. Can't wait. Glad you enjoyed your adventure. xo

  4. Love your photos! It really takes me back to getting up at 2am for our family holidays to QLD where we drove 12 hours! I think the theory was the kids would be less annoying and sleeping for at least 6 hours if my parents started out at this time!

  5. This looks beautiful. I love travelling our wonderful country and seeing it at its core. There is one thing to read about a place and another to actually experience it.

  6. Some of these sights are just gorgeous. You saw such variety in your trip.

  7. I love a road trip and your destination did sound just perfect. It's been years since I watched the sun come up.

  8. I'm impressed you were able to take such good shots while you were in motion Anne. That sounds like a lovely weekend getaway - getaways like that are good for the soul.


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