Sunday, 11 January 2015

An Esplanade Morning

Friday morning was an earlier one than normal at the moment. Thanks Mr Sparky. He had to start work early. While I have been missing sunrise photo taking getting sleep is good as well, especially as I am back to the night work again.

About 5:30am

About 6am

I took the earlier morning as a great chance to get down to the Esplanade to see what I could see.

Around 6:15am
The tide was out so the mud was on show.

One good thing about that though was how nice and reflective the wet mud was.

The sun was playing in among the clouds, making them look all pretty and light lined. Maybe this is what you would call the 'silver lining'.

I just enjoyed wandering and photo taking while trying not to slip over on the wet boardwalk. I've never been known for being steady on my feet.

The street lights were still on with the clouds around.

The moon was also still on show.

Clouds out to see hinted that the day might get a bit wetter, which it did, but then it really started to dry up with a low out in the Coral Sea pushing the clouds away.

I had decided to try taking lagoon photos with no one much around. Hard to do during the day when it is crowded with people wanting to cool off.

These fish are such a Cairns icon. Anyone who has been here associates them with Cairns. Maybe even people who haven't been here.

They looked pretty in the morning light.

They have free exercise classes along the Esplanade and Friday's session must have been yoga by the lagoon.

Maybe I need to get up earlier and join in, it seems like a good place for it. The other thing I saw was people swimming laps near the fish. Maybe I really do need to get up earlier and get back into swimming.

I also managed to get photos of the Rainbow Shower trees before their flowers were completely gone.

And photos of the very interesting Canon Ball tree.

I'll save more of those flowers for another time.

I then wandered back to my car, snapping along the way. 500million photos of nearly the same scene.

That scene did change a bit along the way though especially when the sun finally made it right through the clouds.

A nice way to spend a morning.

As I was nearly ready to go I noticed the tide coming back in, the rippling water.

Definitely a nice way to spend a fairly clear morning after a few days of dreary kind of weather.

About 7:20am


  1. Gorgeous photos of the empty beach. The light coming through the clouds is so pretty. I love the flowers too.

    1. Thanks. This believe it or not is a mud flat. I like watching the changing clouds.

  2. Gorgeous photos! I was wondering where you lived and eventually saw reference to Cairns! I love photography myself and particularly love sunrise and sunset photo's. My post today includes a sunset photo taken out the back of an apartment we were staying in recently at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. :-)

    1. Ah yes, the riddle has been solved. I think sunrise and sunset is my favourite time for photo taking. I do love a good beach pic but I also miss taking outback pics.

  3. So pretty! I am missing the beach since getting home from holidays a couple of days ago...

  4. Love the Cairns fish. Love the flowers and they are stunning photos with the water reflecting the sky. I am glad you get up so early, so I can see the sunrise!

  5. Like the photo at 6.45. I think that bench with the scrabble letters is very clever - sit down and be the i.

  6. early morning and late afternoon are really is the very best time to take photos, as your photos show here. All beautiful. We recently had a 4 day weekend down on the south coast. With wanting to relax and sleep in and the sun getting up at about 5am I didn't get any early morning shots. What a lot I missed! oh well, next time.
    Happy 2015 and thank you for stopping by my blog last week.

  7. Thank you so much for your passageway to refreshment of the morning. Wonderful reflections.

  8. Such a beautiful time of the day isn't it!
    Lovely pics!


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