Friday, 16 January 2015

What happened on Wednesday

On or around Wednesday I try to link up with Wednesday Around the World, which personally I think is an awesome idea and I love seeing what others are seeing around the world. This week is more of a later week. It has been a busy one with Nova full time and night work as well. So this is my Wednesday from this week.

The day started with a pretty and clear morning. Unexpected considering the forecast.

Mr Sparky headed to work and a couple of hours later, so did I.
The skies had stayed clear making the view from work pretty nice.

The morning and middle of the day there was no more photo taking with lessons about money, shopping and animals. The afternoon however my camera came back out as we headed to the Wildlife Dome. Let's just say our student was very excited about the activity.

What she was most excited about was seeing a Koala but being an animal lover she wanted to see everything.

First up was a koala photo for the student and then plenty of photos of the koala on his own.

Then upstairs and first stop was the red-tailed black cockatoos who can always be convinced to socialise if nuts are involved.

Another bird we spotted was a papuan frogmouth. Love the bright eyed looks we were getting.

They were pretty alert considering the time of day although a huge 'yawn' makes me think they were wishing for peace and quiet.

The second of the pair was playing pick-a-boo around a sign with us. If I moved my head back and forward so would it. As I said very interactive for the time of day. I'd never seen them a bit playful like this before.

All but one of the kookaburras were hiding out and the one we saw was looking a bit warm.

We met a new member at the Wildlife Dome, a very featherless rainbow lorikeet. We found out he was possibly a pet or run away pet that has been adopted by the Dome. He has had vet care and I like you am hoping his feathers come back. I did put this pic in however because I found its skin colour very interesting.

It was hanging out with one of the eclectus parrots. This fellow actually sat still enough for a photo for a change.

 We got to see the reptile show with a snake, baby crocodile and a blue tongue skink (lizard). I am sure you can work out why it has the name it has.

While waiting for the crocodile feeding time we hunted out some more animals like the other koala, some more blue tongues along with other lizard friends, some frogs and some more frogmouths. These ones were tawny frogmouths. They have a different colour eye to the papuan one and live in a different area. These beauties are from the south and the papuan ones are from the far north.

It was then time for the crocodile feeding. We might have gotten sidetracked along the way with more birds though. More eclectus, a king parrot and some satin bower birds. The female and male bower birds look a lot different to each other in colour but both have bright blue eyes. The female is a brown/olive colour and the male a shiny blue-black.

On the way out of the Dome one of the black cockatoos decided it wanted to be extra friendly and get up close. While sitting on a branch it was putting its foot out and I figured it meant it wanted to get on my arm. It was then quite happy to go person to person especially with treat involved. When we wanted to put him back he didn't want to go. Funny bird.

The Nova work day finished looking a lot like it started. Blue skies and a little bit of cloud. Perfect, although with the humidity here we always look forward to it raining.

So that was my Wednesday, how was yours?
By the way I am loving that it is now Friday.


  1. Beautiful photos of all the birds. And the koala is adorable. You do have a very interesting and varied job! No wonder the decision making over the last couple of weeks has been so hard.

  2. A great bunch of photos, very interesting to see and read your post.

  3. That sounds like an awesome day of 'work'!

  4. I actually called my husband over to see some of these photos! A few of these birds are new to me!

  5. Loved the tawny frog mouths - many years back I worked on a railway campsite and we ended up with a injured tawny frog mouth that had been hit by a train and lost an eye as a result of the accident. He was an amazing bird. I didn't like have to track down mice for him to eat though!


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