Saturday, 31 January 2015

Up, Up and Away

We've been adventuring again, well, more like heading to old haunts.

Can you guess where we were off to early Thursday?

When we caught a taxi to the airport it was still dark and the Southern Cross was very clear above us.

By the time we took off the golden sun was spreading light  as it peeked over the mountains.

First the plane headed east.

However it soon turned south.

The golden light started to change to the clear white light of day.

Clouds moved and changed during the around 2 hour flight.

Then suddenly, near our destination, the coast was in sight.

We got lower and lower, the port easily in view.

Then we were down, wheels on the ground and feet not that long after. 
Brisbane here we are!

My mother driven taxi picked us up then north it was again, to the next stop.

Note: Mr Sparky's first commercial flight was, as he described, boring. I kind of agreed however as it was nothing eventful but the clouds looked nice.  I specify commercial flight because Mr Sparky has almost done his pilots license for light aircraft.


  1. Hey, when you see such beautiful photos, aerial photography will always have a special perspective because everything looks different and less from ......
    regards Frank

    1. Aerial photography is an amazing point of view. I love seeing the patchwork of the land below. Thanks!

  2. In 30 more days I will be landing in the same place

    1. Well that is a long way from home for you. I will be back north by then and working hard ;)


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