Sunday, 4 January 2015

Orange and Green

Right now I can hear these little cuties.

Don't be fooled by their size, they can make some noise.

I took these photos when I spotted this fellow hiding out on my way to the skip a couple of day ago. Yes, we have a skip, for the complex, rather than bins.

The bright green against the bright orange caught my eye. I don't normally see them on flowers.

Finding one of these fellows would be pretty interesting right now because although they are making a racket, they are good at hiding. I did wake up to the sight of one climbing the balcony rails in the rain this morning. We've had about 95mm of rain in the last 24hours and the majority of that fell from early this morning. Some areas have apparently had up to 160mm. It is still raining and the swimming pool that had formed in our back yard has soaked in as the rain has gotten lighter.

 I read the other day that the wet should arrive within the next fortnight. Maybe this is it.

If so here is to the lovely sound of frogs and rain, oh and to a bit of froggy hunting for photo purposes.

I know these little froggy fellows will be happy if the rains are here. They've been hanging out in the garden waiting for it, getting overly excited every time a drop of water falls from the sky.


  1. I use to love the arrival of the rains when I lived in the north. I still remember the smell of how fresh everything was.
    Amazing photos.

    1. I do love how fresh it gets, even the sky washed clean and how vibrant green it gets as well. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous colours in those photos Anne. We too have the green tree frogs making a racket at the moment - but no beautiful orange flowers to contrast them against :)

    1. I can't say I normally see them on orange flowers here either, not real good for camouflage. I hope your frogs mean wet stuff too.


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