Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happening Now-ish

Today was an early finish day with Nova. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we finish lessons at a bit after 1pm and then the students have a free afternoon. So do we. Monday, Wednesday and Friday our actual lessons also finish a bit after 1pm but we then take the students on a tour for the afternoon.

Anyway, all day from work I have been watching the clouds changing and moving. It has been one of those fairly awesome cloud days. This afternoon rumbles started happening, emitted from a large bank of clouds over the mountains (to the East? well really it wrapped around from the south to the north). Actually I should note that this morning there were rumbles too along with flashes and wet stuff but it didn't last all that long.

The towering bank of clouds looked so good. They looked like they would bring relief from humidity as they grew.

Looking south from home at about 2:15pm

Looking East from home at nearly 2:30pm

To the south

To the East at around 2:45pm

To the south around 2:45pm

At about 3:15pm

Around 3:30pm

East again at around 3:30pm

Then it rained ... to the south.

Back to the south at about 4:20pm

I'm still waiting on our share and our humidity relief.

Easterly at about 4:50pm

The southern view around 4:50pm

So that pretty much sums up my afternoon. How has yours been?

Maybe we'll get our wet stuff tonight, or tomorrow or on the weekend. I was hoping for a good storm as we don't really get them here in Cairns, or we haven't while I've lived here.

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  1. I use to look forward so much to the wet season when I lived in the north. Amazing smell when it does happen. Here's hoping you get wet soon.


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