Thursday, 8 January 2015


As some of you might know, I used to be in a distance relationship with Mr Sparky. For the last year and a quarter I was on The Station we were officially an 'item'.

Distance was 'interesting'. We certainly got to know each other well over social media, it is amazing what you feel free to talk about when not face to face. There was lots of chatting but getting to know each other face to face was a little harder and is something we learned all about once we moved in together. We felt very comfortable with each other though, when we got to see each other. We got to see each other about every 2 or 3 weeks for a weekend during most of that time. Usually Mr Sparky would drive 4hrs and I would drive 5hrs, so we were kind of meeting in the middle. By the time we got to the end of that time, both of us were so glad it was over, phew. We had spent over a year going through the ups and downs of missing each other. A blinkin' roller coaster.

The reason I tell you this is because we are looking at going back to this kind of life. I mentioned being offered a job, a job I wanted for a long time (but the question is do I want it that bad). It would be a bit different though. We wouldn't be able to see each other quite so often as we would be about 17 and a 1/2 hours apart. That is around 2 days drive. The other option is flights, expensive regional flights, around a $700 round trip. So we'd be looking at seeing each other once a month, but probably a fair bit less.

We have discussed, debated and looked and the pros and cons of the whole thing for weeks.
I can't settle on a decision. 
Mr Sparky is keen for me to do the job but not keen on the financial side and really, really not keen on the distance relationship. I for one agree with him. Is it worth it for a job?
I have discussed it with people, family and a friend who has done the job. Some very much feel like they are pushing me through the door and into the job, others pull back and tell me it is my choice but to think about where we want to be in the next year or two. My head is scrambled, my stomach is churning and I swear I've never been this stressed out and confused.
 What do I want? What do we want?
Last time we continually had to reassure each other we would make it through and that making it through meant we could make it through anything. We also never wanted to do it again. Two years later, are we prepared to do it again? Can we do it again? Is a job worth it?

Have you ever done the 'distance' thing?

 The weather at the moment is most certainly not looking all blue skies like these photos. The sun is trying but not getting too far. I poured overnight, apparently, but I wouldn't know, I was sleeping. A tropical low/ cyclone in predicted for next Tuesday but they aren't real sure about which way it will go and whether it will even happen.


  1. What a decision! Glad it is not me making it.
    I will say I am dying to know what this job is.
    I will say this .... if it is going to put you years ahead then go for it. You have done distance you can do it again.

    1. Well I wouldn't say it is in sector you are thinking of. It would be child related and something I would enjoy but different to what I did before. I don't believe it would put us ahead in any way really except possible job satisfaction.

  2. That is a tough decision to make and I hope you will arrive at one that will work for you.

    1. It is and I hope we work out what will fit best for us at this time. Thanks.

  3. There is a lot to be said for satisfaction in ones work - but then again Mr Sparky sounds pretty good. Might be worth staying full-time for a little longer????

  4. I think you have to look at the BIG picture, do you still want to be in this situation 10 years from now. Are you REALLY happy. Do you feel as though you are living the life YOU really want to? Often it's easier to stay in a job/situation because the alternative is so much harder. My sister is going through such a dilemna right now. You have to look deep and be VERY honest with yourself and you will find your answer. Although you probably already know it, especially if you're asking the question. Thinking of you lovely - Em xxxx


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