Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Rainy Sunrise

I looked out the window this morning and thought, 'maybe.'
I looked out the window again an bit later and thought, 'let's do this.'

Sunrise, I always love to do it, to meet with it, to welcome it with open arms (well except when I'd rather be asleep but sunrise suddenly makes me not want to be asleep so ...).

And as I am usually up anyway I try my best to watch it.

Yes, I am obsessed.

I rarely go anywhere without my camera and I swear I am making it my mission to capture every sunrise going.

It is my thing.

I think it comes from my station days. 

I would be up and raring to go before pretty much everyone else and so started taking photos of the sunrises, going for a wander, just relaxing and mentally preparing for the day.

I did sunsets to. They brought me down and calmed me after a busy day.

It was never a big deal if I missed one though.

It isn't really now but I prefer not to, or at least not to leave my camera behind when I go somewhere.

I think it is because it is that one thing that still seems like 'that' me. The camera is still there, in my hands and it is just the view that has changed. It has been something I've clung to for dear life, my life raft or sorts. I can't say uprooting and starting a 'city' life has been all roses.

What has gotten me through is the fact that I wanted to get out and take photos of something, which lead me to explore (and that bit of knowledge that we won't be here forever).

As much as I love the beach, the waterfalls, the green I really do miss taking photos of dead grass and barbed wire. Maybe if I look around hard enough ...

I honestly had no idea I was going to write any of this. I swear I had some funny thing in my head to share or something but it got lost and this is what came out instead. Hmmm. 

 Maybe I just felt that it needed said. Maybe I am reminiscing a bit too.

Anyway ... as housework was struck from being mentioned after the last post, what else can I say.

Oooh, I do have some exciting news to share but you are just going to have to sit on that for a bit and wonder what it is.

Ahh, my bag is packed and ready for a flight. Obviously that isn't the exciting news, even though it is exciting.

I saw another silly nincompoop do a weird overtaking thing, changing lanes and then changing back right at a set of lights.

I've been looking in the mirror and thinking I really should start caring for my skin a little more but then I remember that practically anything I can put on my skin to do that gives me pimples. What is with that? Hello skin, I am a grown up. Speaking of which the weather here at the moment is also rather horrific for my complexion. Can the humidity just ping off for a bit please. Oh, I also need to remember to actually wear the sunnies I have rather than just cart them around in my bag.

 I found someone at work tonight that made my skin look tanned, and that is saying something.

Oh, and I have managed to collect multiple copies of Les Mis. I guess I liked that movie, or I just have a really bad memory. The sad thing is that it isn't the only one.

Another thing, I've had my sewing machine sitting on the table for month with plans to use it while I have no students for 5weeks (ugh). Well I finally did, yesterday, after nearly 3weeks.

Well the photos ran out so I guess the words should too.
What a load of nonsense the last part of this post has been.

Do you renege on skin care a bit like me?
Have you ever seen a rainy sunrise with rain and a sun you can see? (this truly is tropical weather)
Have you seen any shocking driving antics recently?

(I really want to tag this post 'random crap' but thought better of it.)


  1. If I awaken near sunrise, I cant get back to sleep either. I hate missing the beauty...your photos were definitely worth getting up for!

  2. The only thing I put on my face now is oil, I think it does a better job and saves me a lot more time and money. Of course that is only when I remember to do it also....


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