Thursday 18 August 2011

A Day at the Races

Well there is always a first time for everything and being open to new experiences I FINALLY attended my first race meet. What a day!
We all got dolled up … dresses, stockings, heels, hair … the lot. A huge contrast to the daggy jeans, flannelet shirt, pony tail and no shoes that … hey, why didn’t anyone tell me my buttons weren’t matched up.

We spent the day sipping champagne (entirely gross in my opinion) and cursing the fact that we had chosen to wear high heels (come to think of it the person who invented them too). We took part in ‘fashions on the field’ (again cursing high heels), cheered on horses that we were sure would win but whose names we didn't know,
watched and took part in the novelty races
This gives a whole new meaning to wheel barrow races.
and danced the night away. Finally, after relaxing near a fire with new friends, we rolled into our swags.
The next day we all rose a little bleary eyed with many worse for wear and trouped off back to the various towns and stations from where we came, stopping off for bacon and egg burgers along the way …YUM!

Well now to roll the swag for the next weekend away ...

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