Sunday 7 August 2011

Looking Back

So back to looking back at how I got here ...

Isolated Children's Project .... so that is where I met family number 1. I had the BEST three weeks with them, teaching their two children and getting to dip my toes into outback life. All I wanted to do when I got back to the real world was head back out west. It was where I felt needed. A couple of months later I got the email that changed everything. The one that went something along the lines of 'We are having another baby how would you like to come out on a temporary basis until the new addition is a bit older' (ok so that is nothing like what I received but anyway ...).  So the next year that is what I did, packed my bags and headed off thinking I would be there for a term, well it was three terms before I left.

Enter family number 2 ... I hated the idea of leaving and loved the job so got in contact with the school the family was with and asked them about anyone they could think of who needed a governess. They gave me two options 1. family with one child. 2. Family with two children possible three. hmmm now which to pick? Of cause I picked the family with two children.

I have been with them now for over a year and three quarters so I guess it was a good choice. Turns out I now have four children under my care from two families (the kids are cousins on a family run station). I have a year 3 boy and year 6 girl as well as a year 3 girl and prep boy from the other family. The second family also have a three year old boy who likes to pop in and out.

I know as a govie that I have been VERY lucky with the families I have and am working for.

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