Monday 29 August 2011

Foggy Brains

I think foggy weather and foggy brains must go hand in hand. That sneeky mist must have stealthly crept into the children's grey matter, blocking up the channels before they rose to greet the day.

I noticed however that after a play, out in the fog clearing sunshine that broke through the clouds, and a nourishing (sugar filled)snack the brains where ticking over again quite nicely. They worked away like busy ants for the rest of school.

But then again maybe it was the thought of escaping this afternoon to ride the repaired motor bike that got them into gear.

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  1. Mondayitis...if only my schoolroom kids had something exciting happening after school.

    BY arvo time here they had just about stopped moving. After 5 weeks of shearing just finishing they probably deserve a rest.


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