Wednesday 24 August 2011

Milk the Goat

Well today was eventful.
This morning we found the missing nanny goat and as suspected she had finally had her babies. TRIPLETS! Poor girl her life is sure going to be busy for a while. Three cute little, fluffy, balls of energy are going to want all her attention all the time. Now that I understand, except in my case it is four energetic children who want my attention all day and usually all at the same time.
The kids bringing the kids back to the goat pen.

Mandy, the nanny, has her udder touching the ground, it is huge and heavy. I know I held it up while convincing three kiddie goats that they wanted to suck off those teats that had been dragged in the dirt and peed on ... pee is sterile, isn't it.

The above is why I finally gave milking a goat a go, I mean what else do you have to do with you time while perched on a milo tin in the middle of a goat pen holding up a humongous udder. I thought I'd give it a go and hey presto with a squeeze out came the milk. Then I got a little adventurous and after working on my aim I managed to get the kids, and not the small, hairy ones.

I think I have come up with a new sport of champions ... MILK FIGHTING ... can you just imagine everyone carrying around their loaded goats and cows strapped to their backs, udders at the ready ... hmmm me either, not really practical and very sticky to clean up. Ah well that is my bit of sillyness for the day.

This is Mocha and Latte, twins born about a week ago.

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  1. awww look at them!!!! So gorgeous and brand new! Michelle from Farmers Wifey xo


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