Thursday 25 August 2011

Rodeo Time - Stonehenge

There really is nothing better than a bush rodeo. No, I am not talking about the ones in the bigger towns or the PBR ones, I am talking about the simple ones in out of the way towns. Rodeos where locals compete against the select few who come in from other areas only to be sharing tales over a beer or a few rum and cokes later that afternoon. The rodeos where utes are parked with the tray to the arena fence with a tarp rigged up between so you have a place to sit in the shade. The rodeos where you literally get dirt in your face when the bulls come past because you are as close as you can be to the action without being on the other side of that white fence. So lets hope that rules and regulations never steal the atmosphere of a real bush rodeo.


  1. I miss governessing in QLD - just not the same down south. I loved going to the Stonehenge Rodeo when I was governessing at Reatreat near Jundah and Roseneath between Stonehenge and Longreach

  2. I competed in the longreach and stonehenge rodeos last year and had a ball. The committee was fantastic and the locals amazing. Especially since they were facing a terrible drought. One of my favorite weekends for 2013.Am sorry we couldn't make it this year.

    1. I hope I get to head back one year. It is everything a good bush rodeo should be. Glad you loved it. I know the committee members are lovely people.


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