Tuesday 30 August 2011

Mud Pies and Other Things

Here is a snippet of today ...

Mr Preppy did cooking in the sandpit. We had mud pies, sand stew, sand soup and something he concocted called 'very disgusting'.

Mr T decided to come over and join in the fun. He found an old plant pot and told me 'castle, build castle'. So Mr T and I made castles, every one of them as exciting as the last with a huge 'YAY!' to express his enjoyment or a 'oh no' when they fell apart.

As you would notice our sandpit isn't one of those pretty ones with white sand. Instead it is made with sandy soil from a deposit somewhere on the property. The kids love it all the same ... in fact probably more because it is super messy.

Also we did some 5x revision today. I drew answers on the cement and the kids, when asked a multiplication table, had to go find the answer. Mr Preppy also joined in, he got to find numbers and jump on them. This jumping or racing game never gets old and makes everyone happy ... me because it get revision done and the kids because it is outside and fun.

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