Sunday 28 August 2011

Racing the Rain

You would think that after being out here for nearly two years and having been through two wet seasons, well two wet seasons and a really wet year or one wet season and one REALLY LONG wet season, that I would know better than to try and race those ominous black clouds. The end result is usually a very wet, slippery, boggy trip but isn't it half the fun in trying anyway.

Bottlebrush: totally unrelated but pretty all the same.

Today, Sunday, my CPR course was cancelled. There is a long story but the short one is they are darn lucky I had to take the school computer in to get fixed on Saturday otherwise I would be even more annoyed about it than I am  (3.5hrs into town for nothing ...). That not so little word STATION in my address translates to NO MOBILE COVERAGE so thanks for leaving me an ambiguous message on my mobile telling me to call back, which I only received when I got to town on Saturday morning (by the way did you know that QAS are closed on weekends). After many calls while waiting around in town on Saturday I gave up trying to contact anyone.

Emus on the way back from town

All was well though as it turned out a couple of the other govies were in town so we made an afternoon of it  and had a picnic by the Thomson River then went to watch to footy. Really who can resist fellas in skimpy shorts touching each others bums??? I overnighted it in town only to find out the annoying CPR course news.

The grand old Thomson River (the only one spelt without a p)

In the park

In the end it was a good thing my CPR was cancelled though because it meant I at least had a chance of beating the rain. But did I?

My mad dash back to the station began when I saw those ominous cloud gathered in the distance behind Lake Dunn.

Lake Dunn: Clouds and rain in the distance

Lake Dunn

Now I am not sure what speed limit you are supposed to do (if there even is one) on the never ending dirt roads out this way but I am pretty sure the one I was doing wasn't it.

Rain in the distance

A small shower and I crossed paths part way along the dirt with about an hour left to go ... phew I was still safe.

Just before the small shower

But then coming up over the ridge on our neighbouring property I saw what was definitely more than a small shower. So I raced on, everything figuratively crossed hoping I would make it before it hit the creeks.

Oh no ... more rain.

Well who do you think won ... well I beat the rain to the boundary ....

At the first gate

... but the first, fat drops started to fall as I opened the first of three gates. I drove up to the house in a downpour,  that dumped 23mls on us. Saturated after opening gates, I was greeted by some very excited children who were jumping in puddles and running around the house. Their excitement was infectious. There exuberant display over the rain only reflected what we were all thinking ....

Its raining, its pouring

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