Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Thank Goodness It Wasn't A Baker's Dozen

Now usually we would all be quite happy to receive a baker's dozen (thirteen) rather than the normal twelve. On the arrival of her pups yesterday I think Missy, and everyone else, breathed a sigh of relief when she stopped at twelve. Yes, 12!

There are now twelve new squirming, squeaking, gorgeous, silky, balls of fur sprawled in a tangle of heads, legs and tails at their mother's side. Some with feet in the air and some snuggled down deep. They are black, white, tan, red in many combinations. It makes it a bit hard to make head and tail of them.

Missy, I think, is quite proud of her delivery especially as she is usually a 4 pup dog. I don't think she will be quite so happy when it comes to twelve demanding little wet noses squirming for food.

Total puppy count now comes in at 18 ... 6 that are nearly six weeks old and 12 that are now a day old. Anyone feel the need for a puppy?




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  1. so many baby animals - spring is really happening on the station.


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