Thursday, 20 February 2014

Brief Beach Time

Ahh, the beach, to me it just says, relax, holiday, swimming, walking, eating, sleeping, reading and family holiday. After some thought I realised that other than a similar quick trip last year I haven't been on the annual beach holiday at a beach (obviously), a real beach, for a few years. In September 2011 I was at this beach for a blissful week and last year we dropped by for fish and chips before a Keith Urban concert. Did you notice the 'real beach' comment, well sorry but unless it has waves it isn't a beach, just a giant, natural, salt water pool. Not to mention we the problem in the north with stingers (jelly fish) during this time of year.

This was Mr Sparky's first time to a beach that far south, his first time at a real beach. Other than his obvious boredom, exhibited by teasing the crap out of everyone, I think he enjoyed our brief two night stay. Well I did. One thing that is a must, other than swimming and eating fish and chips, is beach walking. Well we checked all those boxes. On our first evening we nicked of for a walk along the beach.

It was pretty, peaceful and pretty light on people.

We walked along the rocks, peering into the rock pools rather than using the board walk.

I remember when there was no nice board walk and going across the rocks was the only way to get between the beaches without leaving the coastline.

After years of wear from the water and weather some of the rocks have very interesting formations, cracks and shapes. Some parts even look a bit other worldly.

It was such a nice evening and also must have been great conditions for kite surfing because they were out in force looking super special in the golden light.

It looks fun but I am very sure I am completely too uncoordinated for a sport like that, and balance well that I don't have much of either.

There were a few others around enjoying the low tide access to the rocks and the peaceful afternoon view.

There was even someone fishing who when I saw them on our way back was trying out using a net.

I hope you are feeling very relaxed now. I am just looking at these pictures and wishing I was still there or could just pop on down for the rest of the week.

What kind of holiday relaxes you?
Do you have a partner or fellow holidayer that isn't good at relaxing on a holiday?


  1. Lovely. Oh yes DH only said a day or 2 ago (while waiting for some rain) that if someone said "go for a holiday" - he wouldn't even know what he would like to do let alone where to go. In 15 years we have never had a "holiday". A day out for us means just ducking into look at a paddock to check a fence or a few cows. There is always a dog in the back and pliers and strainers at my feet. At least we are getting a bit of drizzle at the moment.

  2. Wow, beautiful sky shots. I can't wait for springtime here and some skies that look like that



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