Saturday, 15 February 2014

Drip, drip, dripping

Well it is wet season in the North of Queensland, well make that Australia, and we returned from coolish, humidity free holidays at The Family Farm to be greeted by rain, an over grown garden, humidity and soggy mail. Mr Sparky and I were both straight back into work. 

I had Nova this week, a great place to be when the weather is wet and changing all the time. On Wednesday we headed to the Botanic Gardens armed with umbrellas and doused in insect repellent, maybe not the smartest idea but you can't change the weather (or the local insect life) and well that is what happens during wet season, out come the umbrellas and life goes on. Our students were great sports going along with the adventure.

By the time we returned from the Gardens some blue was trying to peek through and lighten the day.

Days in Cairns are staying around the 30 degreeC mark with high humidity and showers most days.

I just hope the cyclone activity and rain here means that others who need rain have it coming their way.


  1. Those water droplets on the leaf --that shot is beautiful. :)

  2. Thanks Buckeroomama, the water was literally rolling of the leaves, it was amazing to watch.

  3. Loving all those rainy photos!

    It's been so terribly dry down here but we finally had a little rain over night, and of course, because we live near Melbourne, after extreme heat, it is now freezing! LOL

  4. Thanks Kate, it has cleared again but I think the coming week will have more rain. It is wet season. I hope some more rain comes your way. Strange how the weather does that boiling then freezing.

  5. Beautiful rainy day pictures! We have had two days of humidity here and I was not is usually dry heat for us!

  6. Hi Kate, I know what you mean about humidity ... 10:39pm at 92% humidity, it isn't nice I can tell you. I would take dry heat any day.


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