Monday, 24 February 2014

Froggy Playground

In our garden I have planted some rosella bushes. The wet weather combined with times of sun has made them grow and grow and grow. They have always been a good place to find some tiny froggy friends and with the wet it seems they have become home to a whole new generation of little frogs that are getting bigger and greener by the day. It has become the froggy playground.

The grown ups are a small bright green frog no bigger than the top section of my thumb.

The younger frogs are a lot lighter in colour, a see through kind of olive colour.

But I have noticed they are getting less see through looking and a lot greener looking as the days go by.

It is possible I have two different breeds of frog hanging out together but the lighter ones are definitely younger. Either way they are enjoying the rain and the rosella bush playground.


  1. We don't really get a lot of frogs down here in Victoria. They're super cute and certainly it would appear they love the conditions at your place!

  2. Cute little frogs, great to have them in your own garden. I've heard frogs in ours, but never seen them, only once and it was brown and ugly, more like a toad.
    They do look very similar, interesting to know whether they are baby green ones or a different frog all together.

  3. Hi Vicki, thanks for looking in. These little frogs are super cute and they say if you find frogs in your environment it is a healthy one. It is probably too cold for frogs in Vic.

  4. Hi Alicia, we also get little brown toad like ones, maybe they are toads but I have seen less of them and more of the little green ones and lizards. Aren't they just so noisy with the wet weather too. I am not sure if they are different but they might be.

  5. Hi Zita, thanks for looking in and for your lovely comment.

  6. Depending on your location, the first photo looks like either an Eastern Sedgefrog or a Northern Sedgefrog to me. We have the Eastern here on the darling downs. Have had a look at my frog book and that is my thoughts, but best to check of course.

  7. Hi Judith,
    The first frog and the second last one are the same type of frog and being in Cairns that would I guess mean it is the Northern one. Thanks for looking in, commenting and doing some research for me :)

  8. What kind of frog is the one in the second photo i have that kind and dont know what they are


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