Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Oh, sorry, I got sidetracked by the rest of the scenery around the farm. The title is very distinctly Moooo - ish so after a long cow drought here are some beauties from The Farm.

They are fat, healthy and looking good.

Calves have grown like weeds and mothers have kept their condition.

They have been feasting on some nice green feed, oats I think.

They are definitely enjoying it. 

Here is that Mum and baby from a few photos ago, look how round she is. It is hard for cows to keep condition like this when feeding a calf but that feed above is treating these cows well.

Here are some more photos of Mum and bub -

I wonder if this darling is guarding the entry to the good stuff.

Oops sidetracked by the scenery again, back to the bovines. These ones are are hanging out in the yards getting ready for entry in the local show where they will be entered into a feedlot and fed for a few weeks and then judged on weight gain and condition and then their carcass will be judged after they have been through the abattoir. They will then make their way to a butcher and someone's dinner plate. Despite that fact they are still gorgeous animals.

These bunch a pretty quiet and very willing to line up and come closer for photo opportunities.

As I said they got nice and close and if I had hung around longer they would have been trying to lick the camera I am sure.

This girl is going to become part of the breeder heard. She will help with the next generation. She is super friendly and curious AND snuck up on me from behind to check out what I was up to.

Now most of these young ones are limousin, droughtmaster cross cattle, all these reddish/ golden coloured cows. I think they are very pretty. Some are a bit hairy with more limousin in them and their fluffy teddy bear like ears then some have the sleek droughtmaster look with big floppy ears. These are what the farm mainly breeds although their are some hanger ons of different breeds. I am pretty sure the ones with white markings below have hereford in them, those red and white cattle, mostly red body and white face like you would find in a movie such as the 'Man from Snowy River'.

When I headed back to the house the curious teens were a little disappointed I think, following me up the fence.

I have loved hanging out at the farm but sadly it is coming up to the time we must leave, although we are stopping in at a beach along the way so I can get my REAL beach fix.


  1. I love the mommy and baby photos. :)

  2. All super photos and I do love those pretty cows. Lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment.

  3. Wonderful images of country side.

  4. The cattle are in beautiful condition, can almost taste those youngsters!

  5. I love those "portraits" towards the end!

  6. hello from Finland! i'm 15 years old girl :) there is little bit different weather when you compare in australia..about -5 celcius now, but last few weeks it was pretty cold.. -25 celcius :D you have a great blog! i have decided that some day i'll pack my things and go to Australia. the whole country is so breathtaking beautiful. and sorry about my english, it's not my native language :D

  7. Great "Cow" post,
    all those pretty cows looks like they having a good time.

  8. They do look amazingly shiny and healthy.


  9. Thanks Buckeroomama, they are cute the mum and baby.

  10. Hi Denise, thanks for dropping by and for your comments

  11. Hi Fiona, they are in great condition and Mr Sparky was impressed with the look of cattle all around the area. Going by the samples I tasted that were fresh in the freezer while visiting they taste as good as they look. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are getting rain to improve your cattle as well.

  12. Hi Henna, thank you for looking at my blog. That is a lot different weather to Australia. You should come and visit one day.

  13. Hi Gunsside, thanks for looking in. I think those cows were having a great time.

  14. Hi Molly, they do look healthy. Thanks for dropping by.


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