Saturday, 15 February 2014

Snowy White Breasts and Sulphur Crests

Yep it is more Sulphur Crested Cockatoos or White Cockatoos. 
Remember that stint at the local Showgrounds while visiting the Family Farm where I found some pretty pink beauties, Galahs, in the trees. Well they might have been fairly quiet but the fellows below I found purely because of their noise. 

I found the cockatoos in some big old trees on the edge of the show grounds and amazingly they didn't fly away on me no matter how close I got.

I also found these colourful, smaller parrots, hiding away up in the leaves near the cockatoos. I don't recall ever seeing them before, maybe once in our backyard when I was a teen. After a quick google with the descriptors Australian parrot green yellow chest I think I have found out that they are a Red Rumped Parakeet. According to Birds in Backyards Red-rumped Parrots are medium-sized, slender parrots. The adult male is bright green, with a blue-green head, a red rump, and yellow shoulders and belly. The female is a duller, olive-green, with a green rump and faint yellow or light green scales on the belly. Young birds of both sexes are duller in colour.

I guess that means that the first bird pictured is a female and the second is a male. They apparently mate for life and the male feeds the nesting female (sounds like that fits in nicely with all the romantic goings on at this time of year). They will also feed with other species of bird like the Galah, which was also in the area.

Aren't they pretty?


  1. Nice pictures - and better late then never!

    We have just had a cool change take away a week of humidity - thankfully!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Hi Stewart, thanks. Good that you've had a cooler change. It was cooler in SE QLD when I was down there, strangely. Not like that up here in the North though.

  3. so great to see these birds in the wild!

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    1. Well please keep looking around and thanks for dropping by.


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