Thursday, 27 February 2014

Welcome Swallow

The other week we had our regular farewell BBQ for the students down at the wharf. After a couple of weeks of rain it amazingly fined up just on the day we needed it to. It is always pretty quiet down there and there are always birds whether they are seagulls, sparrows, pigeons, cormorants or the swallows. Now the swallows are always flitting around and very hard to get a photo of. I'm not that good with fast moving subjects. These I believe these cute little fellows are Welcome Swallows and this one happened to be sitting fairly still on one of the pylons for long enough to get a few snaps.

This is a very dainty looking bird and always seems to come across as being a happy bird.

This one I think is a very clean and healthy bird. That is mostly what it was doing, preening.

It was also having good look around at what was happening around the wharf.

I only noticed later when I was looking at these photos that the feathers on its wing are a very blue black colour.


  1. they ARE had to capture; you did well; lovely shots of the Welcome Swallow

  2. They are gorgeous little birds and such pretty colors. They have made their way here to New Zealand and are definitely hard to photograph. Love your shots.

  3. That is a lovely name for a lovely member of the swallow family. Fast flyers indeed but you made good captures.

  4. Beautiful, I adore Swallows and the images are great!

  5. Winter here in Kentucky so it has been a while since I have observed any swallows. Look forward to see them hunting insects over the hayfield. Very nice photos of a variety we don't have.

  6. i think swallows are such beauties, no matter what type. and i LOVE that they eat so many bugs!

  7. Very nice little birds - very welcome indeed!

    Sorry for along delay is replying!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Scottsdale, AZ (and Melbourne!)


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