Monday, 23 March 2015

A change in the weather

Oh my golly gosh,  am bored shitless.
Okay so I've been home for not even three days and not gone out during that time. I am getting to that hemmed in, need to get outside feeling and not just the back yard.
It isn't really that I'm bored it is just that I don't want to be sitting around home doing nothing much or housework. It isn't like I even want to be out at the shops I just want to be doing something. After a pretty busy few weeks this is out of routine.
I know, I know some of you are green with envy but sitting around home, doing nothing much (not that this is entirely true as I did to filing, washing, cooking and a Lone Guide newsletter) with the company of someone so engrossed in study that anyone else doesn't really exist isn't really my idea of fun.
Yep, I know, get over it.

Okay, had my little confession about my state of mind and now it is on to the Thursday just gone.

It dawned all pretty and clear, as it had been for the first half of the week.

I had work with Nova so no sunrise trips but I did look at the pretty colours from home.

Cyclone Nathan was still being predicted to hit north of us the next day, Friday, so we were kind of expecting a bit of a change in the weather.

It happened. This next photo was taken around 9am whereas the sunrise ones were around 6am.

Just a bit of a change in the weather in a fairly short time.

It was interesting watching the clouds and seeing them had us patting ourselves on the back about having our farewell barbie for the students a day early. If this was Thursday, Friday would be worse.

Our coordinator and I often discuss plans and this time is was about where to hold the BBQ. I told her just to wait and see what the afternoon brings. So we ended up having our barbie at the normal spot on the wharf, the weather didn't seem too bad.

As we cooked we, much to the students amazement, watched the rain creep across the mountains.

This curtain of rain inching closer and closer.

We cooked on though and in the end barely a sausage got wet.

As quickly as it came across it left meaning we got to eat without getting damp.

It was nice, eating, chatting and relaxing. Okay, so on occasion it was a little frustrating as the conversation lapsed back into Japanese and I didn't have a clue. I just took photos instead of constantly pulling it back to English. My brain was too tired for that and after a pretty intensive nearly two weeks of English I am guessing their brains were a little worn out too.

We traipsed back to the office with very full tummies before the next shower heading towards us through the mountains. I made sure I pointed out this pub, sitting with city buildings behind it, that can be found in photos of the wharf with nothing around it. The old and the new. Downtown Cairns is a curious mix of both.

It turned out that we got none of the weather from Nathan meaning Friday was a nicer day. Ah well, who can complain about an early finish on a Friday. Better to be safe than sorry. Actually I was just a bit disappointed with the lack of cyclonic weather. Yep, I know strange but not only would it have been a bit exciting it would have gotten me a much needed night off work. See, I'm not entirely strange.

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  1. My sissy is up in Cairns and I'm glad it didn't amount to much. We had a home weekend as it rained so much and today I did 5 loads of washing and tried to get outside as much as possible. LOVELY photos.
    p.s not strange at all!

    1. I bet you are relieved. Hearing of cyclones must worry you a bit with your sister up here. Getting outside after rainy weather is always a must. So glad I'm not too strange. Thank you, I enjoy taking them plus it helps counteract the first sentence of my post.

  2. Although it would have got you a night off work I'm glad you were spared serious cyclone weather Anne. Hoping things get a little more exciting for you at home soon!!!

    1. We were always going to be south of the cyclone which means rain. We didn't get any of that so I am a bit afraid that is a very dry wet season done and dusted. Things ebb and flow here so some days are interesting some not so much, just like everyone else I guess.

  3. I think it is better to be without the cyclone and you could always start a photography project to curb the boredom!
    Have a great week! and thankyou for stopping by my blog.

    1. Yes, maybe a photography project would be a good idea, or a sewing or crafty one. Maybe all combined. We could have done with the rain to be truthful but ah well. Thanks for coming by.

  4. Best opening line ever - especially as that cyclone had everyone on tender hooks last week! You def got off lightly - happily me thinks! :)
    Hope your week livened up!
    Wren x

    1. Thanks! We did get let off the hook even where it hit got off lightly.

  5. Wow, those photos are incredible and show how quickly the rain came. I love Cairns a lot and hope to return some day, perhaps a bit of a road trip (I'm in Brisbane).

  6. Beautiful pictures! I live in Rockhampton so was watching Cyclone Nathan build up off the coast and crossing everything that it wouldn't move too far south. I didn't think I could go through another week without power! So glad that it hit without too much damage though.


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