Sunday 15 March 2015

Water: misting and raging

Yay! A blog post.
This week has been a busy one with work, work and work. I think I clocked up 43hrs between both jobs. 
We've also had the normal household drama that sometimes goes with this. Those moments when I could cheerfully dispose of Mr Sparky. I wouldn't though, love the fellow too much for that. It always revolves around household chores. Monday it was cooking dinner. He was home all day and I was not. He went out to a special extra TAFE class in the afternoon (which I am glad he went to) but he didn't organise some dinner before going. So I got home about 5:40pm and had to leave again for the next job at 6:20pm and in the middle had to cook dinner as well a eat then get ready. Not anything new but rather annoying when there is someone else home. All roses here. It is okay though, he survived, I survived and all it well again.

The more interesting part now. With Tropical Cyclone Nathan around further north this last week we've been getting the best part, the rain that comes from being on the southern side of a cyclone.

The waterfalls are running, everywhere!
Some minor flooding of low lying land also happened but that is pretty normal anytime it rains.

Thursday afternoon was my chance to see what I could see as I finished my day job at 2pm and had no night work (phew). My plan was to head to a beach and see if waves were happening but I had second thoughts when I came close to the sign for the Barron Gorge. Game plan change.

I headed to the Barron Gorge Hydro. Just the drive there was worth it. Beside the road there were a few good seasonal waterfall flowing, the ones that only flow after good rain.

But keeping on going to the gorge was definitely worth it.


Even with the on and off rain it was amazing.

The Barron River was thundering.

The waterfall pounding down.

So much water and so much sound.

This waterfall is Surprise Creek Waterfall. It is 243m high.

A surprise is what these falls are. I've seen them before but I wasn't expecting too much this time but it was impressive. There were lots of 'wow!', 'that's amazing!' and 'listen to that!' happening as people came, walking out above the river.

I found watching the water falling mesmerising. 

The river below was just as awe inspiring.

Jumping and tumbling over ricks hidden below the water.

Really just the whole rushing water and misty waterfall combination had me taking way too many photos. It did involve trying to keep my camera dry under my umbrella and lots of lens wiping. I actually own an umbrella, amazing that.

I walked down to the edge of the river for the first time to check out the water up close.

You could just see the bridge I'd been taking photos from.

The river was just as impressive from ground level.

So after too much water as well as too many times using the words impressive and amazing you've made it to the end of the way too many photos.
I am hoping you are as amazed and impressed as I am by the water show.

Does your other half sometimes not think too far in advance in regards to being prepared like mine?
Have you seen something surprising recently?


  1. Wow that is a very impressive waterfall - so much water!

    I always love reading, and seeing, your trips around your area. It is such a contrast to home.

    1. Thanks! It was a spectacular sight (just for a different word). I can't even imagine how much litreage was going over. I'm glad you like seeing my patch. I miss country life but enjoy seeing others patches and how they differ to mine so am glad it goes both ways.


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