Saturday 21 March 2015

Sunny Morning

What to blog, what to blog?
Do you find that if you take a break between drinks it is hard to decide what to blog about. Maybe my problem is that I have 50 million photos between then and now and then 50million ideas thought of and lost that I knew were good but have been lost to the vortex in my brain.

So I am just going to follow on from the last post making this from last Sunday.
Ah last Sunday, that was a weird. Firstly because Mr Sparky had to go to work and secondly because Tropical Cyclone Nathan had deserted and suddenly left us with blue skies as he decided what to do next. The sure sign of a cyclone doing things is the weather clearing and the clouds being dragged kicking and screaming into its fold. Actually I think the clouds just go with the flow really.

Anyway last Sunday morning I was up early and had some alone time on a weekend so I headed down to the Esplanade to catch the sunrise.

Enjoy! I hope this weekend is treating you well.


  1. Beautiful captures of the 'light' and other wonderful photos too!

    Happy Week ahead to you,
    artmusedogs and carol

  2. These are amazing shots! I adore your pelicans! I know what you mean about having so many photos and ideas but forgetting what they were!! Sometimes, I just have to jump in, pick some photos and, if I think of a clever way to present them, so be it, if not, I just leave them without words!

    1. Oh yes, you definitely get it. I really should write down ideas. I have so much that I never share because I take so many photos of things I see and then can't remember what I've shared. Good thing I can look back. No words, maybe I should try that.

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  3. Great shots of the sky!

    Knowing what to blog about stumps me as well, but I often just let the photo(s) take the lead... Depending on what photo I pick, I kind of just let the photo "tell" the story for me sometimes,

  4. Thank you. When I walked up the Esplanade there wasn't a pelican in sight but when I came back there they were.

  5. I have enjoyed sitting here wrapped in a blanket catching up on your posts..I never tire of sunsets, water, and storms. And I wish we had Pelicans here! 😊


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