Monday, 2 March 2015

Creating a Fishy Dress

This Sunday I took some super bright and super cute cotton fabric.

I paired it with some purple cotton fabric and some pink ric rack.

Then I got a little creative.

There are no little girls at my place to enjoy this piece of brightness so it will find its was via post down to my 2yr old niece.

Hopefully she enjoys it with all its brightness and with all those fish.

I also have no idea on the sizing so am hoping it isn't too big.

I visited The Mother Huddle for a how to on making this cute pillow case dress. I used the elastic version for the neckline but have still used ties because I couldn't measure up my niece for strap length.
I think it made a really cute dress for her to wear and play in.

After making one I was inspired (I had also had to nip to a certain shop for some matching cotton and ric rac) so I kept on going. It gave me something to do. The next ones were made using the original drawstring idea from The Mother Huddle.

So now a little girl will have three cute little dresses coming her way in the mail and I will get to see what style works better for her.

I have the stuff for sewing but rarely do. I have the stuff for scrapbooking and other crafts but I make it to them even less. It isn't that I don't have time but maybe more that I don't have a space to do it so really need to clean it all up every time I use it. The need to clean it all up kind of overrides the urge to do it. People often think I am crafty and creative but it rarely actually happens. I need to make it happen more often.

Have you been getting creative?
Can you sew but don't because like me you don't want to contain the mess?

I Must Confess


  1. Those dresses are so cute and colourful. My Mum is brilliant at sewing, but sadly those genes completely skipped over me. I can't even sew on a button!

  2. I am fairly crafty but rarely actually do anything.
    You have done a beautiful job, these are gorgeous bright dresses. I am sure they are going to look gorgeous on your niece :)

  3. These are so cute! I have one granddaughter and another on the way! I used to love to sew, these might be the perfect way to get back into it! Love that fish print!

  4. Oh how super cute are those dresses!!! Am sure they will be well loved!

  5. They are so gorgeous. I love real classic dresses - you don't see them so much in the stores anymore! I bet your niece will adore them - she's a lucky little girl x


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