Saturday, 21 March 2015

Morning Laughter

Morning laughter is always a good start to the day. Around here it is more morning grumping (usually from me) about it being morning, and to think I used to be a morning person. I do love the morning but you've read my moan about late nights and early mornings before so we don't need to go there again because then I really will be a whinger. 

Last Saturday morning we had a bit of morning laughter around our place. Probably some of ours but definitely some of these fellows.

The Kookaburras haven't been around much and I've been waiting for the good wet season weather to entice them to visit.

As usual the only way I know they are there is that their laughter gets closer, either that or I happen to spot them. This time it was the laughter option. First they were at another house in the complex.

However then the whole lot of them congregated on our aerial and roof. 

There were eight in all. They all wanted the same perch moving back and forwards as another joined and one got kicked off. Real life there were eight in the bed happening there.

They eventually got their stuff together and all squeezed on. Don't ask me why our aerial is the prized position. Higher, maybe ... good view, definitely.

My laughing jackass visitors certainly brightened my morning and I have a feeling Mr Sparky jut got a laugh out of my obsession.

Saturday was a bit of a dreary kind of day but it turns out it was the last of our wet weather from Tropical Cyclone Nathan who had been for a passing visit, heading back to sea. Turns out he wasn't finished visiting, maybe he forgot something at home and went back to get it before visiting again. Anyway the rain that came with his first pass meant I got kookaburras coming to visit me so no complaints.

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  1. Awesome captures! You are blessed to have so many kookaburras around.

    1. Thanks. I wish they were around all the time but love when the kookas visit, usually after rain.

  2. Ah, the 'Bushman's Clock' as I believe they were once called!

    Cracking birds - I have been here 20 years and I still get a kick out of seeing them!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks. I think they have a few different nick names. I've lived here all my life and I still love seeing them. There is just something about them.

  3. These are so cool! Love the ones with the open beaks!

    1. Thanks. Me too as usually they are just all quiet and watchful when I am spying on them. This time they were in full laughter mode.


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