Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Looking Green

The 17th of March, St Patrick's Day, so having a day off today I thought I'd go hunting for a bit of green. Not too hard to find around here, obviously, it being the tropics and all.
Today I visited an old haunt but with a difference and a little extra exploring.

I went to Crystal Cascades but instead of heading straight to check out the Cascades I made a detour along a path at the end of the car park.

I had heard about this place and seen it on a photography group facebook page for this area. I've been planning to check it out for a while but just hadn't made it that far recently.

 The narrow, cleared path wound along beside a little creek. It wasn't very far and was one of those times when it seemed longer to get there than to get back.

At the end of the path I found Princess Falls (I am pretty sure that is what they were called).

It was a very pretty, secluded spot. Peaceful and relaxing it made me think I could have hung out there for ages, maybe even all day, all week, forever.

It was very low light though and that and my camera don't really match well. I need to work on those skills I think.

It was fun playing around though. Note to self: take a blooming tripod with you when you are planning on waterfalls, actually take it all the time.

I clambered around rocks testing out my balance ability. Still pretty crappy, nothing has changed there.

I climbed a bit higher and thought about trying to go further upstream but after sitting and watching for a bit I decided I could do that another time.

I headed back to the car park and then on to the more popular Crystal Cascades. I'll share that some other time though. I think this is enough green for my St Paddy's Day, well at least for now.

Mind you it wasn't all green today, there was that beautiful blue sky as well. 

The cause of our sunny weather at the moment is of cause Tropical Cyclone Nathan that is fart arsing around out there off the coast. Our latest predictions have it making landfall somewhere around the area up here, maybe on Friday. This cyclone tracking thing is very certain about things. As many people say, we will know exactly what it is doing when it has done it. We do however get lots of good predictions, updates and pretty picture to look at from various places.

the late 10am update from the BOM

This collection is from Higgins Storm Chasing on Facebook

As of our latest update a rather large area of the north-east coast is officially on cyclone watch.

5pm update from the BOM - blue is Nathan now, black is the past, grey the future.

Whatever happens it looks like we are in for a bit of excitement in these parts at the end of the week, either that or severe disappointment.  Meanwhile I'll keep watching updates and thinking about those recently hit by cyclones and on the recovery side.

Very pretty picture from earth.nullschool.net found here

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  1. Hi Anne, I absolutely loved each and every moment you captured with your camera... a very special place to visit, indeed. I know what it's like living in cyclone prone areas as we lived in Karratha, WA for more than 5 years. Keep safe. Lovely to meet you too♥


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