Sunday 8 March 2015

Sunday Sunset

Sunday night ... we are completely exciting and are sitting watching T.V. The Story of Us is on. Pretty interesting really. I learned a lot of this in primary school. It is good to have a revision. Actually it was when I got to high school that I realised how much of this we learnt but others didn't particularly about the ANZACs and the settlement of Australia. I hope this becomes important in education, learning the history of our country and how it was made and changed as well as what we have to be proud of or learn from.
Bit heavy for a Sunday night.

Obviously if this is all I have to talk about, my Sunday was a thriller. If you must know I made waffles for the first time in my Christmas present (that took a while), did washing, washed dishes, sat around, went to the shop to get a hot chook and some meat (really it was just something to do) and nothing much else. Oh, we did get out and plant out the garden again. We did that last weekend and we, meaning Mr Sparky, managed to kill every single plant, oops. I wonder how many we will kill this time. This time they won't be burned to death by fertiliser so let's hope they don't curl up their toes.

After all that hard work today I finished off the daylight hours watching the sky change as the sun went down.

There was a bank of clouds above the mountains to the west so sunset wasn't particularly spectacular but the soft changing of the sky was relaxing and pretty in its own way.

They are predicting our rainy weather to come back sometime this week and possibly some wild weather as well. It is all predictions for now though but it is the middle of cyclone season so it always needs to be expected.

For now I'll enjoy the sunsets and sunrises.

Actually my thoughts this evening revolved around how badly I wanted to watch the sun setting over wide open spaces, over a mainly flat land with barely a soul in sight. That won't happen any time soon so I'll settle for watching it here, setting over the city or the mountains. It is beautiful and amazing all the same.

So here is to sunrises and sunsets that happen everywhere yet with so many different looks. Every one special and beautiful, even if hidden behind clouds.

I hope you are relaxing on your Sunday evening, just taking it in before another week begins.

I'll leave you with the rest of my Sunday sunset. Good evening.

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  1. Nice pictures.

    I think the nearest wombats to you would be Northern Hairy Nosed ones (I'm not making this up!)

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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