Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Getting my Tourist on

I've been playing the tourist again.
This means you get a bit of a bloggy guided tour.

There is so much around here that I haven't done. 
Unfortunately $$$$ are never available or I just can't justify parting with them.
You know how a little while ago I decided it would be awesome to be on holiday forever? Well I've decided that if someone paid me to go touring, well that would be just awesome. There are just a few places I would just LOVE to visit still.

A family friend and her sister are staying in town for a few days and wanted to go on the Skyrail. So I thought it was an excellent excuse to go too.

It is pretty pathetic that I have lived here for about 2 and a 1/2 years and never been on the Skyrail. Actually there are a tonne of things I haven't done.

It was definitely worth it. 
It was decided just to use the Skyrail rather than doing the Kuranda train and Skyrail combo.

It was a lovely clear day (amazing considering how rainy it has been and what the prediction was).

We got to share with a couple and baby part of the way up who turned out to be really familiar with where the family friend grew up.

We got out at Red Peak Station and decided to take to walking tour.

The ranger we had was full of information.

Our little walking tour didn't take the whole time because by the time we got to the lookout we had caught up with the line to get back on the Skyrail.

So after enjoying the view we crept forward with the seemingly endless line.

Ugh school holidays and peak tourist season, of cause I should have figured it would be like this.

We didn't really mind though as we filled in the time chatting in the cool shade. I honestly have no idea how long we were lined up for but my guess is well over 1/2 and hour, possibly more like and hour.

It was super busy but the staff were nice and everyone was patient and relaxed.
We got on with a different couple, from Victoria I think, who we got to know a bit. It was great for socialising.

We didn't get off at the next station as it was after lunch time, we voted instead to go straight to Kuranda, get some lunch and do the Barron Falls station on the way back.

Barron Falls

Barron River

When we arrived in Kuranda we wandered through the village to find some lunch.

We ended up going to the Barron Falls Hotel. It was a good choice with nice food although again we had a long wait. In fact we had to wait so long that by the time we finished lunch it was time to head back to the Skyrail. It was okay though, we had a relaxing time sitting outside and enjoying the conversation and chilled pub vibe.

On the way back we scored the company of two Danish backpackers who we enjoyed a chat with before we deserted, getting out at the Barron Falls lookout.

I've posted about the Barron Falls before here.

This is from the other side of the waterfall and with a lot less water.

Kuranda Scenic Rail - where I took photos from last time.

Then it was back to line up again. This time it was a short one.

This time we got a father and son duo from Sydney who were a bit of fun.

We had to swap lines at the Red Peak station so out we got again and onto another line. We ended up with the same people again (secretly we just ganged up as a group of 5 and they can only fit 6 in each gondola). 

We all enjoyed our cruise back down, watching everything get closer and picking out places from the scenery.

I wanted to go up and check it all out again but it was time to head back to the city and for me to rush to work (why is it that when you are running late you get every red light and even stuck in a line of traffic where one doesn't normally happen?).

We loved it and it was a relaxing day. I highly recommend it, especially on a clear day, if you are in the area and have the time (and finances).

Tour Info:
Kuranda Skyrail - Rainforest Cableway (Cairns, Australia)
Where: leaves from the Skyrail station at Caravonica (north of the city)
Transport: self drive, the public bus does go near there or use the Skyrail transfers. We did self drive.
Times: We booked the 11am from Caravonica and returned on the 3:15 but due to the line up left well after that. Many people combine it with the Kuranda Scenic Railway.
Costs: check out the website and you get a 5% discount if you book online.


  1. We did both the train and sky rail when we were there in February this year and really enjoyed it. But it was hot!

  2. Wonderful Post.... Greatful for WatW. I enjoyed it so much.

  3. Terrific sights to see from the ride.

  4. Amazing views, sadly my fear of heights would stop me doing that


  5. So glad company came and got you to take the tour! I don't know why we so often miss what is right at hand. I would have assumed my skittishness about heights would have kept me off the sky rail, but seeing these photos is enough to make me want to give it a try. And seeing the gondola makes me think I might even be able to handle it!

  6. That looks like a fantastic way to spend the day!! Your photos are gorgeous. I really do understand your being torn about spending money--I'm like that, too--but sometimes, we just do it and find that it's not that much of a financial inconvenience. Life's too short not to splurge once in a while :)

    1. @bettyl ... It was amazing. We have spent most of the time here with an extremely tight budget but it is nice to be able to splurge.

  7. Where I live is a big tourist destination as well and we have been here just over 4 years and I feel like I have hardly done any of the things around here.


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