Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Good Morning

Good morning to you and may your day be beautiful.

Exciting news ... the mail came yesterday. According the Stretch our mail man it is a bit wet out there. 'Don't drive off the road' is his warning, as he told us that there is water everywhere. Apparently the road to school is washed away and unusable.

Our mail delivery service.

Yesterday afternoon Boss R and the Flying Whizz went to check out how far up the road in the opposite direction they could get without getting bogged. Apparently they didn't get bogged, good thing to as the wise men didn't take a uhf with them.

Also Boss R and Boss H finished the veranda rails on the schoolroom/quarter,s which is brilliant even though they did keep shorting out our power with the saws, grrr. Not very handy when doing on air lessons.

The schoolroom/quarters with the front veranda rails done.

Yesterday morning the flying whizz went for a whirl in one of his wonderful flying contraptions. It had the kids running from one veranda to the other to check him out. Mr T was pretty excited, he loves anything that flies, making the Flying Whizz his idol.

The Flying Whizz ... much more interesting than school.

The day before yesterday, we had our Munchy Monday and this is what we made ...

We used a recipe sent out in the school work for Gingerbread Men and I have to say it is a pretty good recipe. I think next time I would put in more ginger but they turned out beautifully. Well done little bakers.

Cutting out our gingerbread people.

Yumm! Smells so good.

Icing our gingerbread people.

In more school news Mr E (yr1) has been learning about addition. He uses an addition mat where he makes the 2 groups and then moves them down to the answer area to count how many there are altogether. Yesterday he got to write the 'add' sign in his work and thinks himself rather clever.

Mr E doing addition.

Mr T keeping occupied making trains.

Mr E and Mr T playing with the puzzles that came in yesterdays mail.

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