Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Unit 1 ... Check :)

Well we did it, we have finished the first unit of years 1, 4 (doubled) and 7. This meant that today we got to open the brand new packets of work for unit 2, well those that we have. You wouldn't believe how excited we get about getting to rip the plastic off the outside of our papers and stow them in the folders.

Last year our school work we were working on was stored in sets of drawers to make it easy to. This year that doesn't work so out came the folders that have been collecting dust in various cupboards around the station to be used to store our papers, which are no longer in booklets. The last unit I spent the time trying to work out what was the best way to go about storing our papers to make them easy to access. We have sheets with them that get sent to school so now we are trialing putting the sheets into the drawers and the finished lessons/ papers into the back of their folders. Hopefully this will cut down the rifling through to find the sheets to scan in to their teachers. The saddest thing however about starting unit 2 is that means we only have that long until the school holidays. The year seems to be speeding by already.

During school the kids have been creating and practicing assessment pieces in the last days of their units. Mr Yr1 has been practicing a book report, Mr and Miss Yr 4 have written and been practicing poems and Miss Yr7 has created a multimodal presentation (using different forms of communication: visual, auditory and written) on a video clip she has seen. Very full on I have to say but we seem to have made it through with sanity intact ... just.

Stormy sky this afternoon.

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