Thursday, 16 February 2012

Power Down

Zzzzzzip ...the air stilled and the email I had been working on for school disappeared from sight as the screen went blank. "The perfect excuse to stop work" was my thought. "Powers out" I told Mrs R as a wandered into the house with my bag slung over my shoulder. "Is Mr R fixing it?" was her reply.

I decided this was as good a time as any to start moving some of my stuff to the new and nearly finished quarters. As I shoved my swag under the bed I heard "have you seen the red electrical pliers?" After a quick look around through the piles of tools still laying around the quarters "No" was the given response.

Boss R must have found those pliers as the generator grumbled to life. Turns out the old crank still has a lot of life left in it unlike the newer bigger mate sitting beside it that has packed it in yet again. I guess the time to replace it has unfortunately come.

As I sit here thinking back over the last few days I am stumped about what to share. The tiredness, short attention spans and difficulty learning things way above current understandings as well as the power outages, Internet disappearances and phones going down doesn't sound very positive or interesting to me. So instead I will leave you with this ...

Miss S cooked choc chip biccies solo


A Valentines Day Sunset

Busted! A piglet that got a bit stuck in the feed tin.

'sh' words ... Mr E came up with 'shoulder'

Mr T loves the puzzles

Miss E having her reading lesson

Mr E learning about subtraction
I got finally got to go to town last weekend and was able to spend some time with Sparky. We had a great time walking on The Strand, having fun with his mates and going to the Men's Toyshop ... hmmm
Creek crossing

Lake Buchanan is pretty full

Swim time

An interesting gate

A creek crossing closer to the house

Can I have a go?

Surf lifesavers and the kids practising

Stinger Season

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