Friday, 3 February 2012

Rain, Rain ...

Bit of a damp one today but even so the ditty rattling around in my head is still 'rain, rain come again'

Today we had Home Tutor sessions. These, for those who don't know, are times set aside for the Home Tutors (governesses and parents) to talk with the teachers and parents of the year level their children are in. It is our very own on-air lesson. In my case that meant three 45min + sessions today, which of cause equaled next to no school work, as it is a bit hard to listen and contribute while teaching 4 children. So after getting a small amount of work done this morning, this is how the kids spent the rest of the time up until smoko ....

... thank goodness for card games and board games is all I can say. There really is only so much independent work someone in year 1 can do. The kids thought it was great though, a bit of a lazy school day that matched the weather and their tiredness levels.

It was nice to have some relaxing and fun time happening during the school day as it is something that has been lacking from our days. After the Home Tutor sessions however it is good to know that others out there are slogging their way through, just like us. We certainly have a great support system, even if none of us are any wiser than the others.

Today it alternated between drizzle and misty rain for most of the day keeping everything nice and damp. At just before 4pm though, it started to rain in earnest again. Now not to be greedy after our 4 and a bit inches last night but well more rain is always welcomed at this time of year because for the north this is it, the one time you can rely on it raining, on it filling the dams, creeks and tanks, on it giving you your water supply for most of the remainder of the year.

Well rain it did, solidly for over 2 hrs and then after a brief 15min break it took up again.
Rain however in large amounts results in swollen water ways and flooding and after seeing this ...

... I thought I should go and investigate the creek the kids were playing near the other day, that is between the houses and the cattle yards. Do note that is water is going into the house dam and back out before it gets to where it is in the following photos hence the back up of water in the last photo.

This is where there is normally a road crossing the creek.

This is looking back towards the houses and horse yards.

The water rushing over the top of the fence.
This will most likely need repaired when the water goes down.

 The old dozer perched just above the water.

So for now we are quite happy with our rain however I do hope those experiencing flooding stay safe and out of flood waters. Now I am off to bed to listen to the chorus of frogs that are making the night come alive.

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