Saturday, 18 February 2012

shhh don't tell

Shhh don't tell anyone but we didn't touch one school paper yesterday ... that's what I said not one. Instead we had fun ... yes fun that thing that has us laughing and smiling, the kids bouncing with excitement and do you know what else we still learnt, we hopefully bridged some knowledge gaps and, dare I say that word again, we had fun doing it.

As I am sure you gather from this, the new curriculum hasn't left a lot of room for downtime during the day and after 4 weeks of slogging it out until the kids have complained of having mushed brains and after I inhaled consumed over half a block of chocolate on Thursday, I decided we would have a low key, laid back day in school to save mine and the kids mental health (and my waistline lol). We deserved it. The great thing about distance education is that you can do that.

This is not an 'oh pity me' post as there are many others in this same place whether they be teachers, home tutors, teacher aids or students. I just hope that like us they are able to down tools every once in a while to give those poor mushed up brains a rest and let that frazzled hair smooth back down.

So yesterday the kids played, an adding game using dice, snap, fraction dominoes, number bingo as well as wrote nouns, verbs and adjectives on sticky notes and did writing using them. They had a go a drawing different fractions or numbers and did a typing program.

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