Thursday 16 February 2012

Rock? Paper, Scissors

The Flying Whizz yesterday afternoon

The kids are just walking out of the schoolroom after they have ... nope scrap that they are back. Anyway the kids finished school around 3pm and have spent the last 1/2hr - 45min creating with paper. We have had the good ol' snow flakes, pictures for Mum, pictures of the sea at sunset and of cause paper planes. As I write as Mr T comes up to me asking for me to make him one then Mr E tells me I need to make him one to.

Paper Snowflakes / Windows
1. Fold the paper into quarters or more.
2. Cut pieces out of the folded paper making sure that parts of the folded edges remain uncut.
3. Unfold and view the master piece.
Optional: You can put pieces of cellophane or tissue paper over the cut outs so that when stuck to a window you get a stained glass window effect.

For some reason this activity never grows old, secretly I think it because of the mess all the little cut out pieces of paper make. I pulled out the fancy craft scissors today to add some interest it was great as they were met with excitement as they tried out all the different patterns.


 Some more of our school day ...
This is what you call frustration.
Mr T tracing around paddle pop sticks
Mr T made slippery slides and seesaws

Mr E doing a count on activity on the computer.

Yr 4 Maths today.

Taken when I reached the halfway on my bike ride this evening.

One of the enormous frogs hanging around

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