Friday, 15 June 2012


Part of yard work is separating the calves from their mothers so they can get their brands, be ringed (castrated), be dehorned and get their tags. Working with the calves would have to be my favourite part of being in the yards. Honestly who can resist all that cuteness. Just be warned that underneath it is a fair bit of fire that likes to come out when least expected as Miss S discovered when a tiny calf smacked her one in the chin with the highest kick I have ever seen from such a little fellow.

One of the best things about calves is that they are naturally curious; so are the cows actually, bulls however like to give off this "I don't give a rats" thing. If you you ever get the chance to crouch down around a mob of calves, to just still and quiet and watch them (with a camera) you will see what I mean. It is then that the littlies will cautiously get closer to check you out and it is then that you get a close up view of all their silly antics like this ...

Here are some more photos of the cuties and the rascals from today. Enjoy.


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