Monday, 25 June 2012

On Friday ...

I watched the sun rise.
We got to the end of our school holiday count down.
We had school assembly during which Miss S represented yr7 and told the school what yr7 had been doing this term.
We played 'Pass the Pigs'
The kids had a smoko picnic on the veranda with banana thick shakes, apple and fruit buns.
The kids did a bit of reading.
Then they did matchstick puzzles,
Played computer games on funbrain,      

and made interesting shaped paper planes.
After cleaning up we finished the day with a few games of UNO.
Then I closed up the schoolroom and quarters, packed my car and headed out the main gate.
Of cause that was after I took a photo of these fellas.
I then headed off down the road.
Through many gullies and sandy creeks.
Over many grids and through many other properties.

Until I reached the highway, where is started to rain. I then turned North for two weeks of fun in the sun (hopefully).

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