Thursday, 21 June 2012

Schoolroom Sneek Peek

Yesterday got off to a frosty start with an early morning stint down at the cattle yards but more on that another time. We had a busy day after starting school late at the much more respectable and warm hour of 9am. We also had Mr T back in school. He hasn't been around for a while because he has been hanging out with his Mum (traitor) but he was back in full force yesterday.

I was eaten by bugs, lots of bugs...


...And the Titanic sank in our schoolroom. Pretty cool that a 3 and a half year old can tell me all about the Titanic.
Glug, glug, glug it's sinking

And it broke in half and is on the bottom of the ocean.
  Also happening in the schoolroom was a lot of measuring and comparing.

Measuring snakes on the computer.

Comparing the size of characters in a book.

Comparing playdough sizes.

And I don't know who stole my Yr 4s but don't send them back because these new ones wanted fact family triangle after fact family triangle to complete on the blackboard.
YES! I said wanted.

Fact family triangles - I gave two numbers from a multiplication/ division fact and they found the missing number then wrote out the facts.

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  1. Stolen year 4's ... LOL

    I love good days when they have that personality transplant. When they just get it.


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